biography of kaviyazhan

Kaviyazhan, born in Pungudutivu, an islet off the coast of Srilanka, kaviyazhan grew up as part of a large Tamil Family. He did not spend long in Pungudutivu, as the area was undergoing heavy conflict and the overall political situation in the north of the country was getting dire.


He moved to Negombo where he attended full time and was a keen member, participating in cultural shows, perfecting the school at an older age and even involving in TV documentaries about Srilankan Student Life. Many teachers, friends and family noticed him for his poem writing skills and he took the opportunity to put forward his poems in as many ways as he could (School Papers, Recitals etc).

Kaviyazhan then stopped writing poems for a few years until after the death of his Father whom he was very attached to. This triggered him to write many poems and he found it a route to channel all his sad thoughts at this time. After moving to the UK in 2002, he met an Indian movie director who had known of his poet ability and was given the opportunity to write lyrics for a Tamil Movie name Iru Ullangal which was screened in 2004. For this film he worked with Ganga-S a Music Director from London, while Sriram (husband of Anuradha Sriram) and other singers featured on these songs written by him.

Kaviyazhan’s named had been recognised by this movie and he began to write lyrics for many artists in and around London. He was then introduced to Vernon G Segaram by a friend of his, on the first day they both met, they got on very well with each other, and had very similar tastes in musical ideas. Kaviyazhan was then made the Head Lyricist at Adaxial London and now currently works as a lyricist/Vocalist for Vernon G Segaram.